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Updated: Apr 20, 2022

The concert season is heating up once again as the anticipated spring season nears. With optimism renewed, bands are once again venturing boldly back onto regular tours to entertain a public starved for live music, with musicians and fans alike shaking off the prolonged withdrawal from a fragmented and uncertain live scene.

And so the timing is right for Bohemian Queen to proudly announce the debut of its all-new band website,!

With shows in the works through 2022 and beyond, Bohemian Queen has been preparing to get back on the road. Having steadily built its reputation as the premiere Queen tribute band experience over a whirlwind year of powerhouse performances, its lineup of veteran music professionals is gearing up to take to the stages, with the hopes of staying true to its desire to bring the music of Queen to diverse audiences. Whether on a festival stage, an opera house stage or at a local music venue.

But understanding the importance of the live world of concert stages means understanding the importance of the virtual world as well, knowing what the fans of a five-decades-plus classic rock band want to see online as well as assessing what things are of interest to fresher audiences curious to step into their first experiences of a Queen set. And that requires a band's ongoing self-awareness of a project that is alive and constantly evolving.

With that in mind, the members of Bohemian Queen have taken care to build an online presence that is exciting and informative. A design steeped in interesting visuals, encompassing cool graphics and snazzy animation, and a healthy dose of musical clips. A site where longtime Queen fans and newer Bohemian Queen followers will not only be able to get information about BQ's upcoming tour developments, but also read deep dives about Queen itself, with a blog covering informative, engaging topics related to the big and small details of Queen's illustrious history. is excited to become an online extension of its live presence and a newer destination for the Queen community.


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